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Today is our cats’ birthday, according to their passports, so I decided to write a few words about how they are doing.

It’s simply amazing how tame they turned out to be, immediately upon arriving home they climbed unto our arms and purred, they really love when their belly is stroked, and generally never tried to scratch or bite seriously, only a litting when playing. Though sometimes they are not shy about sorting things out among themselves and rush around the apartment hissing and meowing. We gave them new names, Leidi is now Lisa, and Leida is Mila, they have already gotten used to it and are responding. Our Mila is lean with a lot of energy, she loves to chase mice around the house, often even brings them directly into her hands so that they can throw them at her. Lisa prefers to jump and climb for toys. Unfortunately, their health turned out to be not all right, first they had to treat their ears, they found the remains of some parasites there, and then they both caught FIP, but fortunately they went to the clinic in time and the treatment helped. Now they are completely healthy and full of strength."


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